Aroma Sounds - Vibrational Raindrop Technique in Australia




Dates:     26 - 27 March 2020 (Thursday & Friday) 9am - 3pm 

Address: 2/30 Ellendon Street, Bungendore, NSW 2621 Australia

               (Driving distance from Canberra & Sydney)






Vibrational Raindrop Trainings provide practical applied aromatherapy skills for the healing professionals who choose to integrate essential oils, color light therapy, and gemstone therapy into their practices, as well as for the non-professionals who are empowering themselves to increase the health and well being of themselves, family, and friends.

Vibrational Raindrop Technique was born from the collaboration of D. Gary Young, the creator of the Raindrop Technique, and Christi Bonds-Garrett, MD’s years of research and studies of vibrational healing. VRT makes use of tuning forks (frequency) combined with Young Living Essential Oils (also having frequency) within a session of Raindrop. The tuning forks deliver the vibrations into the system, moving the oils in a powerful way and facilitating their work in the body.

Vibrational Raindrop Technique was developed to amplify the Healing effect by using the vibrational sounds played by sets of tuning forks with specific frequencies. Do you know that the systems in the body naturally resonate at specific frequencies? Even though we cannot always hear the sound, these vibrations are measurable.  


Planetary Classic Vibrational Raindrop Technique is the basic training for all participants who wants to venture into VRT. It will be a 12-hour seminar in applying tuning forks with a Classical Raindrop as taught by AromaSounds. This includes 12 hours of education in the practical application of essential oils with tuning forks.



Participants completing this advanced training will:

  • Understand vibrational sound, frequency, and form;

  • Understand tonal intervals, energetics, and tuning forks;

  • Locate points for Tuning Fork Placement; 

  • Identify properties and frequencies of essential oils used in Raindrop;

  • Learn how essential oils applied with intention are "tuned in" with intervals;

  • Acquire skills in handling tuning forks and essential oils in Raindrop application;

  • Learn to facilitate Vibrational Raindrop Technique and Receive a Vibrational Raindrop;

  • Receive a Certificate of Attendance.


Participating in Raindrop Harmonics and VRT classes can lead to Certified Raindrop Harmonic Specialist status if the student chooses. More detailed information on each Phase can be found at Aroma Sounds.
AromaSounds is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. Each of these courses are approved for 12 CEs.

In Planetary VRT: This is the original Vibrational Raindrop technique created by Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett in early 2011. Planetary Classic VRT integrates specific frequencies of sound via tuning forks within Gary Young’s original Raindrop Technique, using the perfect combination of Young Living Essential Oils. This technique utilizes the frequencies of the planetary bodies, which include the planets, Sun and Moon, and other constellations. The planetary bodies have medical correlations with the human body and, by utilizing these frequencies, we create an amazing resonance that leaves each person feeling amazing!

Everyone will Facilitate, assist, and receive the corresponding techniques. Please remember to bring your Classic Raindrop Technique oils and Planetary Classic Tuning Fork Kit, if you have one. Additionally for Bible Oils VRT: you'll need to ensure you bring the Ancient Scripture Oils kit and Bible Oil stunning forks kit, if you have them.



26th March 2020, Thursday:

3pm - 9pm: Planetary System


27th March 2020, Friday:

9am - 3pm: Planetary System continued


Cost:  $295 US or AUD$430

• Repeat Students may repeat each individual course for half price.
Previous AromaSounds Students may repeat the course/s for half price by presenting their previously earned Certificates at the time of the class. Repeat students may be asked to observe during the hands-on supervised sessions if there are otherwise 3 students per table. Additional discounts are not available to students repeating coursework.



Please click on Register to fill up the registration form.

Send a deposit of $150 AUD to hold your spot.

PayPal to: 

Full Payment due by 1 Feb 2020.



Planetary System: Must be proficient in Classic Raindrop Technique as taught by C.A.R.E

Ancient Oils VRT: To have completed Planetary System.

Limited to 12 attendees in order to keep class sizes small for better hands-on attention and training. Register early to ensure your place!




A minimum of 10 full-paying students is required to guarantee the course.



Cancellation Policy: Full payment is required at least 45 days prior to class commerce.

You spot is secure when full payment is made. All fees are 100% non-refundable.  You are, however, allowed to find a replacement to take your place in the event when you are not able to attend.



Important notes:

  • We will contact you to complete the payment process after you have signed up online

  • Use of tools (tuning forks) in class are included

  • Tools can be ordered and purchased separately

  • Ensure nails are clipped and filed. No nail polishes, please

  • Bring along a sheet for the massage table, a large bath towel and a long hand towel

  • Class Notes and Certificates of Completion Acknowledging Participation in the Course are provided upon 100% attendance and when paid in full.



AromaSounds® Planetary Classic – Vibrational Raindrop Technique Course                                   

The original Vibrational Raindrop technique created by Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett in early 2011 that, for the very first time, incorporates tuning forks into Gary Young’s Raindrop Technique using the perfect combination of Young Living Essential Oils! This technique utilizes the frequencies of the planetary bodies, which include the planets, Sun and Moon, and other constellations. The planetary bodies have medical correlations with the human body and, by utilizing their frequencies, we create a resonance that leaves one feeling amazing!