Jasmine Phong- Bourdeau


Jasmine is a mother of two and wife to Bob, a 5 times Canadian war veteran and a Professional Chef.


She believes it is a mandate for us to thrive and live in wellness, and it is her true desire to empower others to obtain abundant and purposeful lives. She is an Advanced Certified Raindrop Harmonics Practitioner and AromaSounds Instructor, Beauty Harmonics Instructor, as well as a Fully Certified C.A.R.E Instructor and a Certified Aromatherapy Coach.


Jasmine empowers her students by teaching the truth, power, and faith, combined with intent and modalities including colour, light, sound, gemstones, essential oils & prayer.


While supporting her community in Canada, Jasmine travels internationally empowering students and specialists around the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China, Taiwan and Indonesia, to name a few.


Jasmine loves to help others and has dedicated her life to supporting and mentoring others to find wellness, purpose, and abundance.


I was fortunate enough to participate in a CARE Raindrop and Vitaflex course with Jasmine. Her skilled, personal and professional approach left us with the confidence to to take on these wonderful techniques. Her joyful, energetic spirit kept us going through some long days and left us wanting more. I look forward to taking more courses with Jasmine.

Andrea Mounce-Halasz

Nova Scotia, Canada


Chu Yi Ru

Tainan City, Taiwan

Jasmine is very precise in executing the technique teaching that set a very clear decisive non confusing display that makes learning easy.

June Soong

Perth WA Australia

I just want to take a moment to say a great big THANKS to Jasmine Phong - for the CARE teaching. For those that have taken CARE...I'm sure we all can agree that this course is truly LIFE CHANGING and in turn LIFE GIVING! It is so obvious that this is Jasmine's calling in LIFE as she speaks from her heart and loves each and every person in the room—equally. It continually amazes me how much knowledge she has. She shares with such transparency and her stories are relatable! I am positive many lives will be forever changed by her guidance. 
If you've been curious about Raindrop Technique--join in on the next one, you will be amazed! We truly have an amazing group and I was incredibly blessed to have met these beautiful gals. 


Janet Tonello

Innnisfil ON Canada

The whole experience has been 100% more than what I have expected when I signed up for it. After the classes, I have to say that I am empowered and recharged to bring this on to the world! The knowledge, the foundation of essential oils, learning about Raindrop technique, vitaflex and the opportunity to practice them, oils and the truth, the promises our creator has promised, they are all so valuable and so powerful that I am ready to share and to impart these information to others around me. 

Yuliana Leon

Vaughan ON Canada

Jasmine I love the picture. You are such a beautiful, strong woman. You're soul shines through. You touch eery one's lives in a positive way. You have taught me so much I can't even Thank-you enough. You are my mentor my angel. God sent me to you for wisdom,knowledge and strength. I am so grateful to have a wonderful teacher like you. You're class in raindrop was absolutely fantastic. You are a born teacher and leader. I absorb everything you teach. I will always come to a course you are teaching. God Bless you

Tina Diblasi

Elmvale ON Canada

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