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CRHS - Certified Raindrop Harmonics Specialist

A Detailed Specialist Handbook is available. Request yours here.

If you are looking towards certification, please get in touch with me so that I can support your timeline.


1) Attend C.A.R.E  Intensive ~ 25 hours include:

  • 4 hours - Vitaflex

  • 8 hours - Raindrop Technique 

  • 2 hours - History of Anointing 

  • 6 hours - Chemistry

  • 5 hours - Emotional Release

or Aromatherapy and Raindrop Technique studies, credit for life experience before beginning the Aromasounds Program which leads to certification as CRH Specialist. 


2) Attend 12 hours Planetary Vibrational Raindrop Class (Pre-requisition to attend other classes) 

This is a 12-hour seminar in applying tuning forks with Classical Raindrop using tuning forks with the frequencies of the sun, moon and planets. The tuning fork frequencies create a resonance with the human body which may support overall balance and wellness. Classic VRT covers the history of sound healing, vibrational sound, frequency, tonal intervals and energetics along with an introduction to Vibrational Vitaflex. Each student will watch a VRT demonstration, give two VRTs and receive one.  

3) Attend 12 hours Raindrop Harmonics: Body Systems VRT and Vibrational Vitaflex

Body Systems Vibrational Raindrop Technique (VRT) utilizes our Classic Tuning Fork Kit and other specific body system fork kits (Joint/Bones, Heart/Circulation, Colon/Digestion, Hormone Balance, etc.) incorporated in Vibrational Raindrop Technique.  This class provides in-depth information on how the planets correlate to the different body systems.  Students will experience a Body System VRT using a particular Body System Kit with appropriate essential oils which relate to that system, as well as facilitate two Body Systems VRTs.  

4) Attend 12 hours Raindrop Harmonics: NeuroEndocrine Systems & Auricular VRT

NeuroEndocrine Systems & Auricular VRT presents an introduction to the NeuroEndocrine Centers (Chakras), how to access them, and clear energy blockages from the energy fields of the body.  We incorporate the use of tuning forks, gemstones, and sacred geometry in Vibrational Vitaflex, on NeuroEndrocrine centers, and auricular points.

5) Attend 12 hours Raindrop Harmonics: Chromatic Raindrop Technique

Chromatic Raindrop Technique introduces Light and Color Harmonics, the history of the use of light in healing, and gives an overview of the different types of light sources and filters. You will learn the attributes of the spectral colors, as well as colors that affect emotions, and how to work with color harmonics with Vibrational Raindrop Technique. All participants will receive a Chromatic Raindrop and facilitate two Chromatic Raindrops.

6) Attend Practicum or Bible Oils Vibrational Course  

* Each of these classes is 12 hours in class pus 3 client sessions done outside of class 

7) Complete the following online courses before applying for CRHS:

FIRST | Complete the Academy 4 Coaching correspondence course (40 CE Credits):

     - Professional Practices (10 CEU)

     - Professional Ethics (10 CEU)

     - Informed Consent Form courses (20 CEU)



     1) Randall Loop, LMT, LSH -



    2) Terry Robinette, Executive Director

        Academy 4 Coaching


        Tel: 800-838-1931, ext 4   

     All communications are done online. 

     Once registered, you have 90 days to complete your course.

     Go to or

     Cost $195USD

SECOND | Complete the Basic Coaching Skills Workshop (45 CE Credits)

The Basic Coaching Skills Workshop is a practicum-based intensive workshop designed to help you learn basic coaching skills. Prerequisite is required: Practices, Ethics & Informed Consent Form Courses (listed a A above) 

    1)  Spiritual Basic Coaching Skills.

        Randall Loop, LMT, LSH -


        Check out Randall's link for 3 options: 


   2)  Jackie Olsen 



        Cost: $225 USD

THIRD | Complete an Anatomy & Physiology Course (30 CE Credits) 

or submit proof of completion of a prior course.


     Cost: $ 99 USD 

* Licensed Healthcare Providers are exempt from these requirements since they have already learned them in their primary training. 

8) Additionally, all Candidates must have completed at least 75CEU formal training in Aromatherapy at Aromatherapy Coach

Michelle McClellan-Truman

(702) 468-4162

Cost: $495 USD

9) Proficiency Exam 

Open book Oral Exam and a Full Planetary VRT Demonstration 

Jasmine Phong SASI-C


Cost: $300 USD or $400 CAD

10) Apply for your CRHS

Complete the correct application for AromaSounds Graduates on NTCB site              

Certification through The Natural Therapies Certification Board

Natural Therapies Certification Boards website has been changed. Until further notice use this link to connect with them about Certifications.

You may download the form on the website or request a renewal form.  Either email, fax or mail it in. Online payments via transfer from may be sent to You may ask for an invoice. There is a 45 day grace period on certifications currently due.

              Cost: $ 65 USD

11) Apply for LSH or LSHC (Americans and Canadians only)

Certification through the Federation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Board  


              Cost: $ 65 USD

There are additional VRT Classes in the other frequency systems to become a Board Certified CRHS/SPHP

- Sacred Solfeggio VRT Classes

- Pythagorean VRT Classes

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