AromaSounds Classes

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Planetary Vibrational Raindrop Technique

Start here! Add tuning forks, sounds and gemstones to your Raindrop Technique


Ancient Oils Vibrational Raindrop

After your have learned Planetary VRT, this is a good class to learn.

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Facial Beauty Harmonics

Imagine getting a natural facial rejuvenation with the power of harmonizing simple tools & techniques

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Chromatic Raindrop Harmonics (Colours)

After you have learned Planetary VRT, this is a good one to take! 


NeuroEndocrine, Sacred Geometry, crystal & Auricular

No pre-requisition! Anyone is welcomed! You will go home packed with tools in your toolbox!

CARE Intensives 


CARE Intensive 

Barrie, Ontario


Start with this class!

For a great foundation!


Chemistry, Emotional Release and History of Laying of Hands 

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Body Systems Vibrational Raindrop

Must have taken Planetary Vibrational first.